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Retailer Services

Premium Directory Listings (Wireless & Online) - Gain presence on the wireless Web. Drive more customers to your locations with increased exposure, promotions, advertising, and the ability to put key business information in the hands of your customers at the moment they are ready to buy.

  • Exposure - Help consumers find information about your business by highlighting your location. When consumers are looking for your category of products and services, your locations stand out from the competition.
  • Valuable Business Information - Provide consumers with links to valuable information about your business. Give them information that they may need before they reach your business, such as business hours and menu information.
  • Listing Management - With go2's extranet tool, customize your listing and manage your business information real-time! Now you have the ability to furnish, edit, and manage business information such as payment types and business hours.
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Dedicated go2 Web Site - Take advantage of a specially designed site for your business that provides customers with information about your nearest locations. Now, wherever they may travel, your customers can find your nearest location with address, phone number, promotional offers and turn-by-turn directions to get there and drive repeat behavior.

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Promotions & Advertising - Customize special offers and coupons that will be shown alongside your listings. Not only will consumers be able to find your location in a snap, but they'll also have an extra incentive to visit.

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Store Locator - Integrate one of go2's Store Locator products into your company website to help customers find your nearest location. go2's Store Loc serves up a list of your locations, in order of proximity to your customer's starting point, including store address, phone number, map and turn-by-turn directions. Choose from a ready-to-go template in HTML format or a completely customizable XML application interface.

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Carrier and Retailer Infrastructure

L-Commerce Platform - go2's Location-Commerce solution is an innovative mobile commerce platform that enables the wireless consumer to locate, purchase, and receive goods and services from real world business locations. go2 extends the merchant's reach by connecting with and influencing consumers when they are near the point of purchase and ready to buy. The go2 L-Commerce platform provides the merchant with a virtual storefront in every mobile connected device, affording consumers a significant increase in convenience, while streamlining transactions and operations for the merchant.

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Reservations Integration Services - go2 will work with you to distribute your existing online and wireless reservation functionalities.

Powered by go2 - Use go2's "Real World Search" to add location-based retail search capability to your offerings. go2's directory serves up proximity-based, real world business listings and drives consumers to brick and mortar locations.

World Geographic Reference Systems (WGRS) and go2 Addresses - go2 Addresses™ use go2's patented location referencing technology which leverages a global spatial referencing framework and is designed to serve as a cross-platform location interface with all Web-enabled wireless systems, operators, applications and devices.

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Automated Location Information (ALI) - go2 views automated location information (ALI) as a valuable tool to connect retailers and consumers via the carrier network. ALI is an opt-in technology that enables mobile device users to quickly determine both their location and the location of the retailers nearest to them. go2 is engaged in ongoing trials with major wireless carriers to develop the ALI solution to best meet consumer demand. Ask us about our ALI trials and the benefits of ALI.

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