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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is go2?
go2® provides technologies and solutions designed to make all location-based services, however and wherever delivered, more timely, comprehensive, and easier to use by any Web-enabled device or service. go2 is a pioneer in location-based services, having launched the world's first wireless location-based directory in 1999. go2 is now the most widely used mobile location-based directory and information service in the United States.

What is the go2 Local Business Registry™?
The Local Business Registry (LBR™) provides merchants a universal clearinghouse to publish information about their business locations. By registering in the LBR, a merchant can publish, through a single point of entry, virtually any information they want about their location and the products and services they sell. The Local Business Registry provides detailed and timely information that includes merchant-selected product and service categories, products and brands carried or serviced, daily store hours, customized "last 100 feet" turn-by-turn directions, parking suggestions, daily specials, coupons and discounts. The Local Business Registry will also support several free-text messages and more than 40 highly specified data fields. Virtually all location-based directory applications and services can have access to the LBR in order to obtain the most accurate information about local businesses.

What are the primary purposes of go2?
go2 allows merchants to connect with potential customers in their area who are deciding where to go and what to buy. go2's proprietary technology makes location based applications and services both easier to use and more comprehensive. go2 helps merchants increase their in-store traffic, sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty by allowing users to quickly and easily find virtually any information provided by the merchant. go2 helps customers find businesses near them and discover information such as products and brands carried or serviced, daily store hours, customized "last 100 feet" turn-by-turn directions, parking suggestions, daily specials, coupons and discounts.

Why Use go2?
The go2 Local Business Registry offers greater efficiency, speed, accuracy, flexibility and usability for any Web-enabled device or service. It is virtually the only way a merchant can ensure that the information being delivered to potential customers through any Web-enabled device or service is complete, accurate and timely. It also provides the merchant with an incredibly inexpensive way to publish and distribute information about specials and promotions. Particularly, for portable electronic devices with limited size, keypads, displays, storage and bandwidth, go2 helps localize the power and depth of the Internet.

What is a go2 Address™?
A go2 Address is a patented naming convention that simplifies the search for real world locations through the use of an easy-to-remember abbreviation. This abbreviation is similar to a domain name but is unique for each city and provides an easy way to identify and locate information in the LBR. The full go2 Address takes the form of "US.CA.IRV.XXXXX", but in common practice the go2 Address is abbreviated to only the City and Unique Identifier for the location. The first part of the go2 Address identifies the country, state, and city for the location and is structured in a manner that will allow go2 Addresses to be easily used throughout the world. The last part of the go2 Address is the unique identifier for that real world location in the specified city. For example, Burger King has chosen "BURGERKING" and "BK" as the unique identifier for their locations. This enables real world searches for the closest Burger King by simply using BK in any go2 enabled application or services to obtain a listing of the closest Burger King Restaurant. This saves the trouble of entering a full physical street address when searching the real world or seeking directions. And because of the Location Based Registry, users of any application or services accessing the LBR will have access to virtually any information about each Burger King location (hours, drive-thru availability, today's specials) - all as provided directly by the owner operator of each Burger King.

Who are go2 Merchants?
go2 has already signed dozens of marquee national brands as customers, and thus thousands of business locations are already included in the Registry. Businesses of all types, from large multi-location chains to small offices and home-based businesses have recognized the unique value of go2. These businesses have registered their locations with go2 to gain exposure to customers who are ready to buy and make it more convenient for them to do business. go2 Merchants include small regional businesses like Johnny Rockets as well as large multi-location chains like Burger King, Carl's Jr., Jamba Juice, Jiffy Lube, Ramada and others (see our list of partners).

Is go2 a proprietary standard?
Yes. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the go2 System, go2 intends to require go2 Enabled™ products and services to meet and maintain certain standards. However, go2 intends to provide much of its patented technology to users on an open-source or free basis, provided that certain guidelines are followed and agreed to in order to protect the utility and functionality of go2. Similar examples of this type of licensing and distribution structure are Linux and JAVA.

Does go2 get money every time a user is directed to a particular location?
No. go2 is free to users, and go2 does not currently have any revenue-sharing agreements based on directing a user to a go2 Merchant's location. go2 Merchants pay a small annual fee to be included in the Local Business Registry and for the ability to create and update their detailed information.

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